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Hi! You tutored me this past week.  I wanted to give you an update that I passed my Med Surg final today (3/13) with an A!  I will keep you in mind for future tutoring sessions. Thank you!


-Danielle CCBC Nursing Student




All throughout nursing school I did well even made the Dean's list my last semester! Thus I expected the NCLEX to be obtainable on my own. I came to Sine Strategies as a repeat NCLEX taker...I was not only given the tools to succeed on my second try in 75 questions but helped me gain a confidence that would have been very difficult to achieve without help! After my class and private sessions my only regret was not taking the classes sooner.


-Nathalie, RN

Salisbury University Dec 2022 grad



I got an 88 on my first Advanced Med Surg exam. Thank you for the tutoring sessions!
-Howard CC Nursing Student




I got a 89 on my Peds/Maternity exam! Thank you for the tutoring. It helped!


-Howard CC Peds/Maternity Nursing Student



I'm still in disbelief that I woke up a RN today! There aren't enough words of thanks to say to you for helping me get to the other side! Up until my test, I studied 3, maybe 4 hours per day. I utilized your strategies and noticed my scores started going up, 80-85%. As you know, this was my 3rd attempt. The 1st two I went to the max 145 questions, only to come up short. This time, less than 2 hours later, my test shut off at 77 questions! About an hour later, my RN license was sent via email. I just sat and bawled my eyes out!  I couldn't believe it! Because of this review, I approached each question with confidence, I knew how to answer each one! I just wish I had known about you before attempt #2! LOL I wanted to leave you with these re-trained my thinking and approach to the NCLEX!  I listened to your instructions, I studied and applied your rules, and today I'm a RN! Tell your students they can have confidence in what you're teaching them because I am one of MANY that KNOW it WORKS!! TRUST THE METHOD and don't deviate from it!! Thank you is never going to be enough...but, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! You have literally changed my future!! AMAZING!


-Laura, RN

Oakland Community College Dec 2021 Grad




I want to let you know that I passed my NCLEX. I am so happy right now, I cried for the last 30 mins. Thank you soo much for helping me, reaching back out to me and believing in me even when I was doubting myself. I'm so ecstatic!

-Ashley, RN (Coppin Grad, 2022)


Thank you for the psyche study session review. I got 91% on the first exam!

-HCC Nursing Student 


Good morning, 

Thanks for the strategies.  Took my NCLEX yesterday and completed in 76 questions. I took your suggestions. They were helpful. I took my break, remained calm and stayed the course. My RN number made it to the MBON website. I passed my first attempt! Thank you for all that you do!


-Kim, RN (AACC Dec 2022 Grad)


Thank you, thank you! I kept telling myself this is my season! I woke up to my license number. I graduated in 2019 and the last time I tried was in June 2021. This was my first attempt after this review. I went all the way to 145 but I passed! Thank you for all of your help. 

-Taylor, RN (Wheeling Jesuit, WV 2019 Grad)


I stopped at 75. First time after this review. I was worried because I have failed at 75 before and also went to 145 before. I used all of your principles and regardless of the outcome I could tell I was understanding questions a lot better this time and my way of thinking was a lot better. I passed!!!

-Alexia, RN (Mount Carmel, Ohio grad)


I passed my NCLEX, first try, 75 questions. Thank you for the resources you shared with me. They prepared me well for the test.

-Michael, RN (UMSON 2023 grad)

I just recently took my NCLEX and passed in 75 questions. First try! I wanted to thank you so much for the past two years. You have helped me tremendously and I credit you so much to helping me achieve my degree!!! I’m so excited to become and RN. I am truly so blessed.  Thanks so much for everything!!


-Abbey, RN (HCC 2023 grad)


To God be the glory. I have passed my board exams. Thanks so much for everything. I am grateful!


-Olu, RN (Texas graduate)


Hello.. just updating you
I got a 86 on my first Med surg exam. Thank you for the question session!


-CCBC student

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