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“I graduated this past May from Salisbury University and took Kaplan in June. After 3 weeks of watching all of their content videos and doing all 2000 questions in their qbank, I took the NCLEX and failed in 265 questions. After about 2 weeks of taking a break, I turned to a private tutor (who was actually my Kaplan instructor). I was tutored once, sometimes twice a week for 4 weeks, doing multiple practice questions and going over some content. I then attempted the NCLEX again in August and failed in 75 questions. After taking another 2 week study break and time to build my spirits back up, I took matters into my own hands and rented some NCLEX books out of the library. I practiced numerous questions from both online websites and out of these books; as well as keeping up on my content. After a month of doing this, I attempted the NCLEX once again in October and failed in 200 questions. I was highly discouraged at this point and knew something new and different had to be done. The only other thing I could think of was to take the Hurst class, but I knew content was not my weak point and that it was more of the actual test taking strategies that I was getting caught up on. I then talked to some of my friends about it and one of my friends told me her sister took a class about a year a half ago called Sine Strategies. She had failed the NCLEX 3 times and ended up passing on her 4th try after taking this class. So, I did some research on it, called Virginia for some more info, and signed up for her December class. I started learning all these new strategies, and after completing Virginia’s workbook and recalling it several times, I felt confident about going into the NCLEX; (AND, not to mention, Virginia is a phenomenal teacher). Then, about a week ago, I attempted the NCLEX for the 4th time (2 days before my birthday; no pressure right?) and ended up doing the full 265 questions and passed!! It was the best birthday/Christmas/New Year gift I could have asked for and I can’t thank Virginia enough! Her class was truly a blessing.”

-Requesting to stay Anonymous, RN, Salisbury, May 2014

“Hi Virginia, Just wanted to update you after we got together [for resume and cover letter help]: I got calls back on both jobs I applied for and offers on both-I even got hired on the spot at HCGH! Of course I went with HCGH since I have always wanted to work there and think that will be best for my nursing career at this point in my life. Thank you for all of your help and most importantly reminding me to be confident in myself because I did have what they were looking for after all :)”

-Kimberley N., RN

“I passed the hesi exit exam!!! 1034!!!”

-Bianca D., Chamberlain of Virginia Nursing School, RN Graduate Dec 2014

“Hey Virginia! I took Peds Hesi a few hours ago and I got a 1147!!! 98.76%!! I am so happy, thank you!”

-Vicki D., HCC 2015 RN candidate

“Hi Virginia, I’ve been attending your tutoring sessions for medsurg 1 (taken at HCC) since mid-late November and I also took the Hesi review. Your approach to teaching and your methods have really increased my understanding of the material by leaps and bounds. I feel much more confident with the topics and the nursing process and it is certainly due to your strategies. I ended up making a 1050 on the Hesi and and A in the class!
Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and desire to help nursing students succeed!!”


-Kate V., Dec 2015 RN candidate, HCC

“I waited so long to take the boards. My ATT was about to expire, and I was not ready. But you told me to just go in and try. To not waste my $300 and just consider it the best practice test possible. You said to use it to practice your strategies. Well not only did I practice, but I also passed in only 80 questions. I am so glad I listened to you. Thank you for encouraging me.”

-Kena D.-C., RN, HCC May 2014 grad

“Couldn’t of done it with out you Virginia ! Not only did you help me with test talking strategies , you manage to calm my anxiety which allowed me to put 100% into this test and passing in 75 questions !!!!! Anyone out there questioning to take up sine stratagies … Please take it , it’s a chance worth taking I promise you that and you won’t regret it . Just as nurse would Virginia doesn’t treat you like another customer but an individual human being . She learns your story , who you are and what you need to pass the nclex or any other nursing test . Thanks so much Va !”

-Alexandra K., RN, HCC Dec 2013 Grad

“Hi, Virginia. I passed on the first go around! I have been working since June (first as a graduate nurse and now as RN) and it is my dream job. I am remiss in not contacting you and telling you how much your strategies meant in my passing. Thank you so much. I am happy to recommend you to one and all.”

-Best, John O., RN, HCC May Grad 2014

“Thank you for the [Advanced Med Surg tutoring session] today!! I totally get endocrine now. You are awesome Virginia. Two 89.3’s so far on the exams. I attribute a lot of that to you.”

-Emily V., HCC Dec 2014 RN Candidate

“Hi Virginia! I passed NCLEX! With all stuff going on w…, I was able 2 block out on exam day. Your strategies /helpful hints (relaxation tips) all work!! I would have NEVER have been able to do this w/o meeting you & your help!! My confidence was all shot after that N240 dosage calc. Then I met you. People have been keepingyou a secret. You are a true gem. I see that you love teaching, care about your students & excel at what you do. Thank you so much for everything! :)”

-Maggie M., RN, Accel RN Graduate, HCC July 2014

“I just wanted to say thank you again so much for helping us with dosage, I got 100! Couldn’t have done it without you!”

-Jonathan R., Dec HCC RN candidate

“Virginia,… I just wanted to say thank you for all your help in my journey to become a registered nurse, I passed the NCLEX on the 24th. I pretty much told myself that I could survive failing but needed to find out what passing felt like and that did the trick. I also told myself that I had the strategies to succeed. And I did! Thank you for your help.”

-C. Shepard, RN, Dec 2013 HCC Grad

“Hi Virginia!! Yes I did take my boards and I passes the first time! I thought I sent you a text when I passed….”

-L. Barnes, RN, HCC, May 2014 Grad

“Good afternoon Ms. Virginia,….. I’m soo grateful to have found your Sine strategy class; it’s opened my mind to why, when, how and ooooh! LoL. I look forward to learning, growing and taking it slow to prepare my mind and body for NCLEX. Have a great weekend. Thank you for implementing this program, it’s helping me in so many ways of answering questions, CORRECTLY, ….. I’m telling myself it’s a step-by-step progress, and I can do it… It’s Not a sprint! Thanks for re-directing my way of thinking. I really pray Morgan students get an opportunity to take advantage of your expertise. Take care.”

-T. Williams, Morgan State University, BSN Grad, RN candidate

” originally took Sine Strategies for an ATI review in January, but also left with some amazing tips to succeed on the NCLEX. I just took my NCLEX three days ago & passed with only 86 questions. Mind you, I had Virginia teach me her strategies about 8 months ago. Meaning, that I had to go back to my old notes (from January) and go over some of her testing strategies & acronyms, many months later. They were very helpful. Virginia does a phenomenal job of explaining the essential things you need to know to be successful on the NCLEX. She definitely challenges you to think outside of the box & that’s what I loved most about her review course. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone who is having any difficulty whatsoever. Thank you for contributing to my success!!

-M. Choi, RN, BSN, Coppin State University May 2014 Grad

“I can’t believe it! I really thought that I failed. I went to look on the board of nursing website and saw my license number. And because I was still in shock I went to pearson website and paid the 8 to get the unofficial results and it also said that I passed!!! (in only 75 questions!)
Thanks you for everything!!”


-N. Ford, RN, CCBC May 2014 Grad

“Sorry for the delay. Passed NCLEX in June on the first attempt. Virginia’s NCLEX prep strategies were very helpful. I’d go into more details, but I can’t give away her secrets for free lol. Worth the money, and easily better than Kaplan’s NCLEX prep. Thanks V!”

-J. Smith, RN, HCC May 2014 grad

“Hello Virginia. I thought you would like to know I passed the NCLEX in 75 questions in large part to your test taking strategies and the review sessions you hosted throughout my nursing education at Howard. I am grateful for your efforts and would recommend to you to anyone in need of nursing instruction/NCLEX review. Thank you very much.

-F. Devarona, RN, May 2014 HCC Grad

“I spoke to you earlier, but I have to post on your page to thank you again for all of your help these past two years! I couldn’t have done it without you. You are the reason why I have my BSN and starting from yesterday my RN license! & on the first try? Woohoo! I seriously cannot thank you enough! I’m so grateful that God placed such a great person (you) in my life when I had no one else to turn to. Thanks again! :)”

-N. Townsend, RN, Bowie State University Graduate May 2014

“I just wanted to let you know that I am officially a registered nurse!!!!! I passed the NCLEX-RN in 80 questions!! I just want you thank you for everything, this time I went in and [did what you suggested] and look it worked!! Thank you for working with me I appreciate it so much!! I am so glad that I trusted you!! This is such a relief and I have never been so happy! …I am just glad this is over and I can start my career now! Thank you again!!”

-J. Gerbrick, RN, BSN, Towson University

“I Passed!! What made a difference was utilizing the strategies you thought me. Also I wasn’t nervous at all this time. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have been a blessing from God”

-R. Pierre, RN, BSN, Morgan State University, 2012 Grad

“Virginia’s NCLEX strategies rock! She tutored a group of us through MedSurg I and II and we all made it through nursing school. I took her NCLEX/HESI review and scored a 92 on the HESI and passed the NCLEX 1st try in 75 questions. There is no doubt she made a huge difference in my testing skills.”

-H. Campbell, RN, May 2014 HCC Grad

“Thank you so much for all your help and strategies. It is what helped me to make it through nursing school and pass the NCLEX on the first try. Your the best! I highly recommend nursing students out there to approach you for help with nursing school and make life easier on themselves.”

-A. Desai, RN, HCC, May 2014 Graduate

“Virgina is a true angel. She is soo understanding and is an awesome teacher. She makes test taking easy..Lord knows I have test taking anxiety something terrible but Virginia talked me down and gave me breathing techniques that helped even with my asthma. Got the score I needed on the HESI and Advanced med surg with her help. She’s the bomb!!”

-L. Greene, HCC, May 2014 Graduate


Hi Virginia….I took the boards yesterday and passed thank you for all your help you are the best”

-L. Longus, RN, Coppin State University, May 2013 Grad

“1020! [on the HESI exit exam] 91.9% I used your strategy and studied the workbook. It really works, thank you so much for all your help.”

-H. Campbell, HCC May 2014 Grad

“After a few attempts, I finally passed the NCLEX earlier this year. My problem was my nerves…….test anxiety. I knew I knew the content/material. I had to walk myself thru calming myself down…..LITERALLY! Glad that’s over, and now I can move forward. I used [your testing] method a lot and indeed paid attention to whether I [was using your strategies]. The computer cut off at 113…..and I wanted to cry, because I knew for sure that a very high percentage of those ???s I had answered correctly! Ironically, my test date was 1/13, and I had 113 questions, which is also my birthday…..HAPPY FREAKIN BIRTHDAY TO MEEEEE! I’ll c u on Monday the 19th for resume help!”

-S. Cooper, BSN, RN, Morgan State University, May 2012 Grad

“Hey virginia im doing great. Passed the nclex first try. It shut off at 80. I just started a GN program at Florida hospital on PCU. Thank you so much for everything!”

-A. Gentile, Florida, RN

“100% on comp exam…thank you…thank you…thank you!”

-K. Douglas-Wright, HCC May 2014 candidate

“Thank you!!! After I finished the ATI exit exam, my heart was racing while the results were uploading. I wanted to jump out of my chair when I saw those results lol. Oh my goodness, such a huge weight off my shoulders.”

-N. Townsend, BSN candidate, Bowie State University 2014

“Hello Virginia. How are you. I Just wanted to tell you I passed the NCLEX I took it on Feb 28. I think the Hesi Review I did with you and studying hard helped me to pass the NCLEX. So I would like to Thank you for that. Also I referred some students at HCC to attend your review for the Hesi exam. Have a nice night.”

-S. Mehari, RN, Dec 2013 HCC Grad

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