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“Thank you for your wonderful strategy of studying for the NCLEX. I took my boards last week and I passed. The most important thing that helped was following all the instructions you gave during your teaching. You spent time and shared your knowledge with us. I can’t thank you enough because your teaching was direct and easy to understand. I took my time throughout the test hearing your voice repeatedly saying we should not rush clicking answers rather we are judged by the ones we got right not quantity.  Please you are welcome to share this information to people that came to the group lesson I’m sure this will motivate someone out there. If I can do it with 5 children and full time job all those great nurses can. Thank you my friends are planning to attend your review so they can they can partake in this success.
Have a blessed season.”


-Amara, RN


“I passed both classes!! Psyche and Peds! Thank you so much for helping me. I would not have passed without your tutoring and help on the HESI.”


-HCC May 2020 pending grad


“I passed my HESI Community Health and Psyche exam with 100%. Thank you!”


-Brittany, Coppin Dec2019 Grad


“I was not doing well in Fundamentals. I needed 80%s on my  final two exams to pass the class. Once I started tutoring with you I got a 84% on exam 3, 83% on exam 4 and passed my HESI Fundamentals exam. I passed the class! I’m so grateful I met you!!! Thank you so very much!”


-HCC Fundamentals Fall 2019 Student


“I just wanted to thank you for all your help! I passed the NCLEX in 75 questions! I couldn’t believe it. Thank you again for everything!”


-Morgan, RN
HCC August 2019 Grad


“I passed my exit hesi! Finally!!!! So glad I decided to use your review this time. First try after this review, I passed!”


-Sophia, HCC Dec 2020 Grad

“I passed HESI exit exam on Friday. First try! Thank you for all your help I made sure to use everything you taught us!”


-Leah, HCC Dec 2020 Grad

“I am sending you this to inform you that I passed my RN NCLEX Exam 1st time. Took the exam on 11/23/19. I passed in 75 questions. Thank you for your support and encouragement.”


-Justina, RN
Carleen Health Institute of South Florida 2018 Grad

“I passed the NCLEX! Graduated in 4/18 but never took the test yet. I did it first try after attending your review.”


-Catherine, RN
Carleen Health Institute of South Florida

“Passed in 83 questions!!! Thank you so much for everything these past two years. I redid your workbook from front to back and then used practice questions!!! It 100% made the difference!!”


-Lyndsey, RN
HCC 2019 Grad

“Thank you for all your help. I passed the NCLEX in 75 questions. I will be sure to share your info with other Hopkins students.”


-Nikki, RN
Johns Hopkins University, 2019 Grad

“Just wanted you to know that I passed the NCLEX! 75 questions and done! Thanks so much for all your education & support & getting me through! I appreciate you!”


-Allia, RN
HCC 2019 Grad

“Just wanted to share that I PASSED the NCLEX my first try. Thank you so much! Since day 1 of nursing school you’ve helped me immensely. And now I’m an RN! Thank you for all your help!”


-Emily, RN
HCC May 2019 Grad

“I passed the NCLEX. I want to say thank you for your help. The book did help meI did 77 questions. I think the big difference was that I rushed to take it in July. I wasn’t ready. I rushed to take it because of the job offer I got. This time I had the time to prepare efficiently. I used the trick you taught us mostly. I just used it to to practice as many questions as I can everywhere. I wanna say thank you very much your review really helped.”


-Charles, RN
Coppin State University, 2017 Grad

“I took all your advice thank you ! The test shut off at 75 questions. I passed the NCLEX!!”


-Jess, RN
HCC May 2019 Grad

“I passed the Nclex in 83 questions, can’t believe it !!! OMG thank you so much for your help!! I just kept thinking about everything you taught me. Your strategy works magic”


-Emiliene, BSN/RN
Stratford University 2019 Grad

“Good Afternoon!!!! I have exciting news! I finally took my NCLEX on Monday, I passed! I wanted to share with you because you were truly such a blessing during my time in nursing school! I want to thank you for all the hard work & night hours you put in with us nursing students away form your own family to help us achieve our dreams! It means the world to us!!! After taking the 3 days prep course with you I got a B on the exit HESI & graduated. Then we had some deaths in the family which took us out of town & kept me away from my original plan of testing for the NCLEX ASAP. Luckily with your direction I did what you suggested and did some refreshing on the material before testing. I did not feel as ready as I would have liked BUT I did it regardless! I finished around question 178 & ended on a harder question in which I thought was easy so I was a little nervous but felt like I was doing well during the test so I hoped for the best. Today I see my status on the MBON as an active RN with a license # & my results on the Pearson vue as Passed! Thank you again for all of your support!!!”


-Angela, RN
HCC May 2019 Grad

“Hello, I took your prep class in April. Due to personal reasons I did not have time to take the NCLEX until earlier this month. I credit taking this class, using your workbook, and using the test bank you suggested. I completed the test in 77 questions and it took about an hour. Thank You!”


-Shannon, RN
CCBC 2018 Grad

“My first NCLEX-RN attempt was back in June and I failed with 265 questions. I didn’t take any breaks and I was there for 5 1/2 hours. I heard about this class and I took the class the beginning of July.I just passed my NCLEX-RN exam on Tuesday with 75 questions in less than one hour. I used the strategies the review taught me, and I read the workbook from cover to cover for three weeks prior to taking the exam. I took two breaks and used the energy suggestions just like we were told. I am so glad I found this class, I truly believe her strategies helped me pass Good luck everyone!”


-Susan, RN
Carroll CC May 2019 Grad


“Hey just wanted to let you that I passed the HESI exit exam, first try, got a 91% with is a 1024. Thank you!!!”


-Ta-Tyona, HCC Aug 2019 Grad

“I passed the NCLEX first time in 75 questions! Thank you so much for all of our help. Your knowledge and help over these last two years of nursing school was just what I needed to get through.”


-Jenny, RN
HCC May 2019 Grad

“Hi! Just wanted to let you know I passed the Exit HESI first attempt. Score 941. Yippee!”


-Allia, HCC August 2019 Grad

“Hi! 75 and done, and I just found out I PASSED (first try)! Thank you for all you do!”


-Miah, RN
HCC May 2019 Grad


“I passed 1013!!!! It was my 4th exit exam attempt (first time after your review). I am so glad I finally decided to attend. Thank you so much! Lots of things you told me helped me to understand the test better and to relax. On to NCLEX!”


-Angela May 2019 HCC Grad

“Passed my HESI exit exam 955, first attempt! Thank you for your review!!!”


-Latarsha, Capscare July 2019 grad

“Passed in 75 questions first time! You area big part of the hardwork. Your last strategy refresher really helped with last minute techniques and mental attitude. I could not have done it without your help!”


-Beatrice, RN
HCC May 2019 Grad


“Thank you very much! Passed in 75 questions first time! I don’t know what I would have done without you. I met some 1st semester students and I recommended them to you. I told them how you will be there with till they get a job and even after ?”


-Mercy, RN
HCC May 2019 Grad

“Passed in 80 questions! Thank you Thank you so much, will definitely spread the word on SineStrategies!”


-Kiara, RN
April 2019 Chamberlain Grad

“I passed the NCLEX on the first attempt! I can’t believe it!!! Omg thank you so much for your help!! I just kept thinking about everything you taught me!”


-Leida P., RN
Chamberlain grad, April 2019

“I got an 993! Thank you so much for all your help! Got through the exit first try after taking your review. Big difference in the way I was understanding the questions this time.”


-Delayca J., May 2019 HCC Grad

“Passed first try after taking your exit exam review. 855. The breaks & sugar techniques you mentioned worked well for me. I was able to re focus & still had time left over. Also changing my thoughts to positive & not doubting.”


-Stacey L., May 2019 HCC Grad

“I passed first time after taking your class! 950! Your class def refocused me back to the right way to answer the questions. The strategies were very very helpful . Also took my anxiety meds like you said and I felt less anxious going in. I am so glad to finally be done with the exit exam! On to NCLEX”


-Jess H., HCC May 2019 Grad

“Good evening everyone…. It’s Marita.. I just wanted to let you know that I passed my NCLEX with 115 questions.. The test and strategies that Sine Strategies taught us is definitely the real deal… Stick to knowing ur … and look for ….. I personally memorize the whole sheet of….. Everything that was said in class and taught us is all there.It’s been a long journey, don’t give up now… this was my second round and I fought hard… Your RN license is one breath away… By the way on your test date don’t forget all the advice, it works…???? Once again, thank you for the knowledge you gave me in a short period of time..and the believe you put on ur students. Forever grateful???? Good luck everyone”


-Marita, RN

December 2018 Grad

“I did it again! I scored 1040 today on the maternity HESI (conversion of ~90%). Attached, you will see my scores and the improvements I’ve seen since coming to your tutoring program. Thank you again for your help.”
Kind regards,


-Ashley M.
Coppin State pending grad

“I PASSED. Highest HESI score ever, thanks to you! I think I got a 1036 or something on the HESI exit. I am so grateful to you!!!! And a little chocked up right now! I can’t believe it!! I am going to miss seeing you every few weeks for tutoring. LOL Thank you for everything!”


-Miah, HCC May 2019 Grad

“I didn’t get what I got on Thursday but I’m satisfied with my 970 (89.92%). First HESI exit attempt! So many people didn’t pass. Thanks and thanks for all your help! I finished the semester with an A and I’m so relieved to not have to take the exit exam again.”


-Celeste, HCC May 2019 Grad

“I passed my HESI exit exam on the first try with a 944!! Thank you for your help!!!”


-Angela M., HCC May 2019 Grad

“I used your technique for med surg end of course HESI and I passed it with flying colors…Thank God I passed the class because I was failing.”


-HCC 2019 pending grad

“Thank you so much for all of your help over the past two years! I passed my exit exam (first attempt) this morning with an 864!!!”


-Lindsey, HCC May 2019 grad

“Thank you so much, your tutoring was great. I did not have any minute to go through the book, But all your explanations carried me to 915 on our first HESI exit attempt. May the Lord bless you and keep you in good health so you can continue to be a blessing to many people.”


-Beatrice, HCC May 2019 Grad

“I passed my HESI exit! First attempt. 972!! Thank you.”


-Mercy, HCC May 2019 Grad

“I must have a ????!. I got an 1141 (99.21%) on the final today! Thank you for your review! I made myself do what you taught us. But I had absolutely no idea on some of them. I used your methods and chose the answer that made the most sense. I guess I got some of the difficult ones right because I got about 6-7 questions wrong and most were stupid mistakes.”


-Celeste, HCC May 2019 pending grad

“GM I wanted u to know that i passed my boards on Friday. I got 87 questions! Thank you!!!”


-Iesha, RN

“I passed!!!!! I thought I failed because I only got 79 questions. Last time I got all 265 but I had not studied or reviewed the strategies. You have to put the time in and trust the process, it works!”


-Imani, RN
HCC Dec 2018 Grad

“I passed! 90 questions! First time! Thank you so much for your support!!”


-Peter, RN
CCBC March 2019 Grad

“I passed the NCLEX !!!!!! Thank u so much for everything!!!! It was the scariest exam I have ever taken ! Thank you so much! I couldn’t have done it without you and the review !”


-Natnael, RN
CCBC March 2019 Grad

“Hi! Banged out another 92 on the exam this week!!! I don’t think I’d be as successful without your expertise and guidance at our tutoring sessions! Thank you for all that you do! ????????????”


-Med Surg 2 student


“Thank you for your help! I was able to get a 99% on the peds HESI- I think it converted to 1120ish. I was so excited I didn’t even look. I couldn’t have done it without your help!”
Kind regards,


-Ashley M.
Coppin State pending Grad


“God is great! I passed the NCLEX! Ur review is the best! I would not lie! Every trick you taught me, I used. And I used it until the end! You gave me a new way and new hope. THANK YOU!!!”


-Clarisse, RN
Internationally educated, Cameroon 2016 Grad


“Good day! Took your course a few months ago. Passed the NCLEX thanks to your strategy. Keep doing what you are doing. IT WORKS! I made it this time.”


-Kevin, RN
BCCC May 2018 Grad

“I want to say a big thank you for your helpful strategies. I took and passed the Nclex on Tuesday. It really went well and your strategies helped a lot especially with priority questions which I was previously struggling with before I took your prep class. I definitely will recommend to others and I’m grateful to the student who posted your information on CCBC nursing student forum. My Facebook account is temporarily deactivated so I’m not sure if there’s any other way I could leave my 5star plus rating????????????. If not, feel free to post my comment (& add my other email if need be) in case some “doubters” wants some verification……lol. You are the Best. Thanks again. Please I’ll need help with my resume, how does that work?”


-Catherine, RN
CCBC Dec 2018 Grad

“Hi everyone-After several attempts at taking the NCLEX-RN exam with no success, I went to numerous classes like Kaplan and Hurst, and went online to UWorld. I still didn’t pass the exam. I was a nontraditional student, so I was in my mid-50’s when I passed nursing school. It was hard, but I succeeded. Better than succeeding nursing school was when I finally passed the RN exam!!! I took the exam 12 times and failed each time (I couldn’t give up)! Thank goodness I listened to someone that suggested I go to Sine Strategies. The class is taught so much about the strategies of passing, so I took the advice and gave up doing UWorld questions, and wrote my thoughts down for each question. I’m happy to report that I passed the exam with 90 questions, and am now a RN (still smiling ear to ear)!! This testimonial is to tell you that if you put your mind to it and study hard with Virginia’s strategies, you WILL succeed. Don’t doubt yourself into thinking you can’t pass. If I can do it, you can too! Kudos to Sine Strategies-it really works!”


-Mary Riggin, RN

“Hi! I just wanna let you know that I passed NCLEX.  I am starting my nursing job on March 4th. I appreciate
all your teaching through nursing school. I learned so much from you!! ?? “


-Yeojung, RN
HCC Dec 2018 Grad

“Honestly the review session that we had yesterday definitely prepared me for today’s Med surg test. I was very confident with the questions that pertained to what we went over. I feel like I understood more that 80% of the test. I am definitely coming to future exam review sessions. Have a good evening.”


-Med Surg 1 student

“Hey! I tested Wednesday (75 questions) I just found out today that I passed! Thank you so much for your help!”


-Kristin, RN
HCC Dec 2018 grad

“Thank you so much for providing these handouts and for the study session. It helped me understand everything in a much more clear way. I will definitely be able to attend the next study session!”


-Peds tutoring student

“Just wanted to let you know I passed the NCLEX first try with 75 questions! I was in your December 1-2 class. Thank you for all of your help & words of wisdom I kept a tally of the questions you suggested. When I went in I immediately wrote down on the board everything you taught us….. I had zero issue with any priority or action questions bc I used your strategy. One question in particular, without ur method, I would have gotten wrong. Through the exam I noticed the higher level questions you talked about so I kept a good spirit that I was doing well! I’m SO glad to have come to SINE and have spread the word all around (at school and at work for friends in nursing school) it is absolutely the reason I passed the nclex first try in 75!”


-Jessie, RN
CCBC Dec 2018 Grad


“I got an 1139 on the HESi exit exam after being unsuccessful the last two times. I completed the sections that you recommended in your workbook and did a lot of questions. When I was taking the test I used the strategies you taught us. Thank you!”


-Victoria, HCC Dec 2018 grad

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