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“Good morning Mam, this is Eric. I passed my Nclex-RN with 75 questions! Thanks to .., the only right way. Again, thank you everlastingly. Already recommended so many friends, and even total strangers from the White Oak library. Will be on campus next week for more candidates. Again, thank you Mam everlastingly, you made a big difference in my life you can’t imagine. Now I’ll be able to care for my 9year baby girl, and family back home, and go for the officer program in the Navy… you made Nclex so easy! All I did was reading and memorizing every page of your book, and it was very critical and instrumental in so many occasions (100%). I still remember the last question, question #75: priority….. used your way and the screen went blue! I couldn’t believe it, I knew I got it Right, I knew from the previous questions, I was killing it…I have a bottle of champagne for you Mam!”


-Eric W., RN, Montgomery College May 2015 grad

Hi Virginia!
Just wanted to let you know that I did the workbook and followed the method and I did well on the HESI exit- got an 1107! Thanks for all your help!

-Kate V., HCC Accel July Grad 2015

“Hi Virginia. I passed my boards in 90 questions. Because of you I am a RN today. Thank you for everything!”


-Pearl, RN, Florida

“Sine! I am so happy to report that I passed the exit HESI with a 932! I’ve always had the hardest time identifying what the questions was asking of me, but after going to your review, I know exactly how to tackle them. Thank you!”


-Maria V., HCC Accel July Grad 2015

“Well I am VERY HAPPY to report that I got a 983 on the hesi exit exam!!! I took my time (tried to) and still got out in 145 minutes. Thank you thank you!! And yes I did the workbook completely and reviewed it 3 times like you said  and did a million evolve questions.
So happy!”


-Katie S., HCC Accel July Grad 2015

“I did it! I passed the NCLEX! After working with you, I got all NEAR passing and the clock ran out on me. That is the BEST I had ever done. So I went and practiced questions and did your workbook and really studied the knowledge you gave me. And I did it! 90 questions!!!”


-Sharrhonda D., RN, Morgan State Grad

“Hi Ms. Sine, my name is Carol Madueke (student of Global Health College). I scored 1,041 in HESI exit and it’s my first time! Thank you so much. Your strategy was so helpful. Your work book is a great tool.You Rock!”


-Carol M., Global Health July 2015 Grad

“Hello Virginia,
My name is Aaron and I am from your May study group. I wanted to thank you for your review and let you know I passed my NCLEX 5 days ago. I noticed you review improved my kaplan scores significantly, and was able to average over the kaplan recommeded score range for the qbank. Most of my categories I scored over 70% with some as high as 77%. This was my 3rd attempt at the NCLEX. Im am absolutely ecstatic and suffered an immediate surge of dopamine at the time i realized i passed….lol….Keep doing what your doing! Thanks again! p.s, Your prioritization strategy is certaintly a game changer. I was honestly wishing I had prioritization during my last 2 NCLEX attempts.”


-Aaron A., RN, BSN

Pitt Nursing

“Thank you so much! I am so gratefully that they are giving me this chance. Katie is the director of the center. She is also HCC alumni and used your services for NCLEX. Small world! I could not be more grateful for all of your help Virginia! I had been applying at Patient first since I graduated. Once you revamped my resume and I submitted it, within two weeks they were calling me trying to find a position to put me in. THANK YOU!!”


-Amanda E., RN

I thought you should be one of the first to know that it is official…I passed the boards!!!!
I got …. questions but have to say that after 75 I did not panic as much as I thought I would. I kept on hearing your words in my head that if you are still getting questions, you are still in the game. I also did not totally freak out after 75 when I kept on getting…..questions. Again I could here your words that …… are a good sign. I am amazed at how calm I was able to remain due to all the great advise you gave me.
From the bottom of my heart, I can’t thank you enough for ALL your help over the past 2 years. Your strategies really do work and I will continue to recommend you.
I will stay in touch and hope everything is great in your world.”


-Lisa W., RN, HCC May 2015 Grad

“This is my score, 1217 or 99.99% on the Exit HESI. So glad I found you before my third attempt! I pass it on my 3rd time. Thank you so much, words can’t explain my gratitude. You are amazing. I hope I got money to come see you for NCLEX lol.”


-Kenderlate A., Coppin State University, BSN Grad May 2015

“I passed the NCLEX in 75 questions!! I’m so glad I’m finally done with the NCLEX, but I know that learning doesn’t stop here:) I used your test taking strategies especially in answering the management of care questions. I got a lot of those!!!”


-Katherine M., RN, Radians Nov 2014 Grad

“The HESI maternity content was really good, but your strategies really helped me on the Hesi I passed maturity and i will contact you again for pediatrics thank you so much Ms Virginia. I got 899!”


-Martha, Radians Dec 2015 Grad

“I passed Ms Virginia. Thanks a lot the strategy book was all I used and I made it. My appointment with Jonathan was a confidence booster and am glad I did. I got 75 questions…..”


-Esther, RN, Global Health Nursing School, May 2015 grad

“Hi my teacher just told me I did outstanding in the HESI maternity exam. I got a 100%!!!! Thank u so much for ur help. U will be seeing more of me now!!!!”


-Mariama, Radians Dec 2015 Grad

“I passed! 75 questions! I did everything you told me to and passed the first time! Thank you soo much!”


-Michelle B., RN, Global Health Nursing School, May 2015 grad

“Good morning ma’am. I got a hit on the resume in less than 8 hours! I just had and interview and….Praise God Mrs Virginia. I got the job. They called me that I’ve been hired. God is faithful. Yes ma’am, less than 48hrs I got in job after you helped me with my resume. My old one had been out there since before December and I never got a call. I am so excited! Thank you so very much for all ur help”


-Ope, RN, BSN

“I would like to thank you for all your help this semester. I passed both of my hesi’s. Med Surg 944 and Mother Baby 1088. Have a good summer and I’ll see you for N240.”


-Nikita, HCC 2016 Grad

“I passed this time in only 75 questions! Your strategy works, it works it works! Students need to listen to you. I knew right when I heard on the second day of the review, what I had done wrong. I used what you taught me and I passed the NCLEX! Thank you so much!”


-Esther E., RN, BSN, Coppin State, 2015 grad

“Hello Virginia,
I just want to take this opportunity to thank you; however, I want to thank God first because he’s the greatest. I took my Board exam on April 8, 2015 and I passed after two attempts. I did other review before both attempts, but it didn’t help like sine strategies. Virginia, thank you thank you thank you for all your help. your strategies are the best and your workbook is beyond great. I read it over and over and over and I followed every step you thought me and it really helped. It worked like a magic so please, fellow students, listen to her and do as she told you. Don’t forget that God is on top of everything so, pray pray pray…………. Have faith and confidence. Know your materials, read the workbook, and apply sine strategies, you will be successful. Once again thanks for your help. Now I can say I’m officially BSN, RN


-Helene A.N
Coppin State, RN, BSN Dec 2014 grad

“Good Afternoon Ms. Virginia, Three weeks ago I was so nervous when I took the HESI exit exam at my school any did really bad. With one week left for me to retake the HESI exam I knew I had to do something different. One of my classmates heard of Strategies from a co-worker and shared with me. I decided to look up this program and got registered right away. I don’t believe I would have made over 900 if I did not take this class, listen to everything Virginia taught us and implement the ” RITTTE” test taking strategies. I have never been so calm while taking an exam. I wish I had know about this program all along nursing school, my class grades would have been all excellent. I also meet with Virginia for a one on one session on Dosage and calculations and my grades went from a “0” to a 5 out of the 6 problems on the HESI exit exam. Go into the exams knowing you have the best and only test taking strategies you need to pass and leaving the panic and anxiety at the door. I recommend this program to all nursing student who seriously want to be successful in there nursing program and who want to pass the HESI and NCLEX exam on the first try. Thank you Ms. Virginia for assisting me in passing my HESI exit exam with over 900. I will be back for my NCLEX brush up soon. God Bless.”


-Michelle B.
Global Health, May 2015 RN Grad

“Hello Virginia! This is Nikki from HCC  I just wanted to let you know that I passed the NCLEX on the first try on March, 19th!! I wanted to let you know I had MANY of the types of questions you mentioned… and I specifically used your strategies you taught us back during the HESI/NCLEX review. Using your method helped me out tremendously and the acid/base imbalances chart you did really helped as well. I had the full 265 questions and it took me 5 hours to complete. Remembering …… also really helped clear my mind when I was getting anxious. I just wanted to say thank you so much and your strategies really do make a difference answering those difficult questions! Thanks for everything!”


-Nikki J., RN!!  HCC Dec 2014 Grad

“Hello Mrs. Sine, I was frustrated at not getting any calls from submitting my resume. But since you helped me with my resume and cover letter, about 2 weeks later, I got calls and have been on several interviews. I have now started getting job offers. And right now I am choosing between the best two!! Again thank you so much for all of your help!”


-Dawn T., BSN, RN

“Good morning ma’am. I had 265 questions. At the beginning I wrote all the strategies you taught us down and guess what when I started the questions I forgot using them. then holy spirit redirected me to what I wrote down on the white board i was given at the start of the exam, and then the game changed, and I started having select all that apply over and over, and I said God I know your hands is on this and I kept on having question, and I prayed in between and I had this conviction that since I’m still having more question then I’m still in the game like u always tell us. To the glory of God I checked mbon website yesterday and my number was there staring at me. I must tell you of a fact that those strategies worked! Thank God for your life. Really appreciate your effort and support. Everybody need to hear about you, thank God i trusted what God is doing through you. People don’t need to go and pay huge money for big review. I’ve told 2 of my friends already and they will contact you very soon. Ma’am those strategies work. like anything, Oh my gracious. God bless the work of your hands more and more in Jesus”


-Ope, RN, BSN, Morgan State, May 2014 Grad

“Hi, Virginia, its Alysia…I got an 88 on my HMR fluid and electrolyte exam!! I am beyond happy! While everyone walked out of that exam upset, I felt confident with my answers. I cannot thank you enough for everything that you helped me with at our tutoring session! Everything that you told me, I was able to apply to the test! I will definitely be staying in touch to meet with you again! Thank you thank you thank you!”


-Alysia W., Wesley College, Delaware, Class of 2016

“Hello all! To everyone who is considering on taking Sine Strategies for Nclex Prep, hopefully this will make your decision a lot easier. I’m going to first off saying that I am not a good test taker at all. I could never understand strategies and apply them correctly, BEFORE I took Virginia’s class. I took my school’s Exit Hesi multiple times, and I did not pass the NCLEX the first time after doing all 265 questions. A few friends of mine took Virginia’s class and told me that she is the real deal, and you won’t regret taking her. So I did as they said. I took Virginia’s class, and instantly saw why I was not passing exams. My strategies were wrong, and the way I was thinking through questions were wrong. I retook the NCLEX yesterday, 3 weeks after taking Virginia’s class to memorize the material she taught, and I passed! If you establish trust in Virginia, you will pass the NCLEX regardless of how many questions you get. I highly recommend Virginia to anyone who needs help with test taking strategies and content. THANK YOU VIRGINIA!!!”


-Cecilia Garcia
Chamberlain Grad. Dec 2014

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