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“Hello, I did pass the HESI and used your method to help me through it [before we had to take Kaplan]. I want to thank you for taking your time out and helping. I got an 982 on the HESI! That is the highest I have scored on HESI ever…I know I haven’t cross the finish line yet. But feels great to be finished with school! Kaplan did confuse me and I have been going back into the work book just making sure I don’t some how put Kaplan’s method into yours. Lol
Again Thank you so much,”


-Kristen, HCC Grad Dec 2016

“Got a B in both Med Surg and Mother Baby! Thank you for all your help, you are a great tutor!!!!”


-Racquel, HCC Summer 2017

“Dear Virginia, Med surg HESI was a 1045!!! and this is so wonderful again……., I topped the class with mother baby HESI of over 1200, which converted to 99.99%. I will surely send you a screen shot of both scores. I thank God for everything. You are amazing and I say a very big thanks to Sine Strategies.”


-Cynthia, HCC Summer 2017

“I got a 1207 converted to 99% on my Mother baby hesi!!! Thank you so much for your help!”


-Alycia, HCC Summer 2017

“Only 6 days to study, I passed my HESI exit exam on the first try! Thank you”


-Sarah, HCC Dec 2016 Grad

“Hi Virginia!! I wanted to let you know I got a 942 on the Hesi!! I’m so happy! Thank you so much for all of your help I wouldn’t have made it without you! You’re the best! Yes I definitely used what you taught and it helped!”


-Andrea Disogra, HCC Dec 2016 Grad

“Omg! I passed with my HESI exit. First attempt!”


-Daniella, HCC Dec 2016 Grad

“Hi Virginia, I scored 85% on the last medsurg exam today. Thank you soooooooooo much.????????????”


-Cynthia, HCC Summer 2017

“I got a job!! I was offered at job at Surburban Hospital and I start this month!! Thank you for all your help with my resume!! You’re awesome!”


-Reba, RN HCC Aug 2016 grad

“I did it! I passed the NCLEX! Your method is solid! I used it all the way thru the exam. I took it Tuesday. The exam was so challenging. My 75th question … the machine shut down. The questions were so hard. I was unsure how I would do but then I remembered u telling me that..I am so happy I found you and your method. It gave me great confidence. It was so great going in with such a precise “game plan”. The questions can be so tricky but the method keeps your head uncluttered. Thank you!”


-Kate W., RN HCC Aug 2016 grad
First timer

I totally forgot to inform you that I passed the NCLEX on September 29 first attempt! So happy I didn’t mess up your passing percentage????. It stopped me at 75 questions! Thanks for everything! Keep up the good work!


-Reba D., RN, HCC Aug Grad
First timer

“Good afternoon, this is Dawn. I just want to let you know that I passed my NCLEX!! A huge thanks to you coz I wouldn’t have done it without all your help! I used all your strategies you thought us especially when picking which patient to choose first! I’m so glad I went to your class! Lol Again, thank you!”


-Dawn M., RN, 2011 Grad from the Phillipines
2x repeater before this review

“I just got a 95% on my dosage test thanks to your help!”


-Kathy HCC Med Surg 1 student

“I just wanted to let you know that I took my NCLEX yesterday and was shut off after 76 questions. I was willing to take as many questions as necessary, but a surge of disappointment came over me when I got to question 76. I left thinking I had failed for sure, but today my license has posted!!!! I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done to help us!! You’re strategies definitely work!! Now to find me a job (but I’m sure it wont take long using the resume you helped me with!!)”


-Becky, RN, HCC August 2016 Grad
First time

“Results came. Passed NCLEX in only 75 questions! Thank you so much U r the best!


-Maha, RN, HCC August 2016 Grad
First time

“I was calling to inform you that I passed. The 48 hour unofficial results are posted on NCSBN. I just now checked. I passed. I don’t know how I could ever thank you enough for this. Thank you very very much, What you taught me was exactly what I was missing all the previous times. 8 times, Kaplan, Hurst, even U world was not enough. The first time after your review and I did it!”


-Sareena, RN, Washington Adventist May 2015 Grad
8x repeater before this review

Glory be to God; I passed Nclex with 83qs. I want to thank you for all help you have given me through this journey. Before I started, I wrote down what you taught me: …. and everything was coming to my mind. I can never thank you enough. I ask God’ Blessings upon family and upon your business. Thank you once again.


-Gina C. RN, 2014 DC Grad
2x repeater

I know my reply is late but I did want you to know your class helped. On my MS Comprehensive HESI i scored a 1053(92.45%)and Peds HESI i scored a 933(83.83%). Thank you soo much for your help,


-Victoria D., Global Nursing Student

Good Afternoon! I took the NCLEX last friday, aug 26 I am very happy and ecstatic to tell you that I finally Passed the NCLEX @ 265 questions. I thank you very much for all you help and advice. I wouldn’t make it without your help and your strategies. Thank you very much. Almost 10 years in the making! So glad I found you! Thank you very very much! After 7 attempts, I thought I had no hope anymore, but with your strategies and review; it really gave me the confidence and knowledge to pass NCLEX, and I thank you for that. Yes, I told some friends about how great your review is. My license is posted in the MBON website now, but it is still inactive. It says that I need to submit 1000 hours of nursing practice or I should go to a refresher course. Right now I am looking a refresher course. Thank you very much Ms. Virginia!


-Samantha M., RN
2007 Phillipine Grad

I wanted to let you know that I passed the NCLEX in 85 questions! I’m honestly still in shock that this happened. Even with the …. I walked out feeling like I failed the NCLEX. In my opinion it was such a difficult test and there was such an uneasy feeling with every question, but I’m glad I went to you multiple times. I just had to trust myself and the strategies. I have to thank all of your strategies you taught and confidence boost you gave me in the days leading up to this moment. I know you had a great part in this and I truly appreciate it.
Thank you,


-Sarah H., RN
Global Health Grad March 2016

Hello Virginia, thank you. Obviously I was in panic mode, but I made it with 75. I started my new job today so you can imagine how excited.


-Salma, HCC May Grad 2016, RN

Thank you so much! I’ve been meaning to email you and tell you I used the … strategy. All of my questions were what you said they would be! Thank you for the tutoring, you are amazing!


-Trecya J. HCC May Grad 2016, RN

Hi Virginia!! Thank you!! Yes I wanted to get it over with ASAP! I unfortunately got about 215 questions it was terrible. Although, I kept remembering you said….! I got a bunch of priority questions like you had warned us and I used your tips for those! At the beginning I did a couple Kaplan practice exams but I thought their rationales were weird so I stopped using it. I also used your workbook again and reviewed it a lot! Thanks again!


-Milena U., HCC May Grad 2016, RN

Hey Virginia,
I’m super happy I am done with HCC and nursing school in general !! I started at Mercy on a medsurg progressive / telemetry floor and I love it. I want to thank you for helping me get through the program I couldn’t have done it without you!!! Thanks so much,


-Megan W. HCC May Grad 2016, RN

Thanks soo much..i passed in 75 questions..i was so shocked when my screen went out..and I just knew I was going to retake..but to my surprise..i passed… I absolutely did not use kaplan. To be honest, I reviewed your testing method, and priority and delegation method just before going in, and just prayed for the best. Though the exam wasn’t hard, it was a bit uncertain. A lot of what I got, I had noo idea what they were talking about, but I tried not to get caught up in that, and tried to fig out what the questions were actually asking. I’m glad it is over!
Thanks for everything,


-Krystal Lee, RN HCC May Grad 2016

I passed I had 75 questions. I mainly used what you taught me ……it was there very time. You definitely helped me pass this exam and gave me faith in myself! I had two questions that needed to be put in order. So I didn’t use the decision tree because I thought it was crappy and confused the heck out of me. I did use Uworld, I thought it was nice but i felt like it was harder than Nclex at times. I did however use ncsbn texting practice questions. And it was exactly like nclex and definitely helped me.
Thank you so much,


-Christine B. HCC May Grad 2016, RN

Hii:) Yes I took my test two weeks ago and passed in 75 questions! I did use what you taught me…. I reread all my questions a few times to make sure I understood the concept. For prep I did all the Kaplan qbank questions and ordered the RN mastery app on my Phone which was super convenient. I actually start my job tomorrow at mercy medical center on a med surg/ telemetry unit and I can’t wait:)


-Christin F. HCC May Grad 2016, RN

“Hi Virginia, this is Christina from the HCC tutoring group last week. I just wanted to let you know that I passed my HESI with a 1072, placing in the 97th percentile. I don’t think I could have done that without going to your tutoring sessions. Thank you so much for everything!”


-Christina, Aug 2016 HCC Grad

“I passed the exit HESI! Score of 1056. I am so relieved. Your method is rock solid.”


-Kate W., HCC Aug 2016 Grad

“Hello! I had the baby after your review and I still made it! I Took my NCLEX yesterday and passed with 75 questions. Thank u so much!”


-Ashley G., RN, Coppin State 2016 Grad

“Hope your summer is going well! I just found out this morning that I passed my NCLEX the first time!! Seriously that was the longest 48 hours of my life to wait for the results. Your …..strategy saved me! I got 140 questions on the NCLEX. I realized as I was sitting there taking it that when I hit 75 questions I had went way too fast. That’s when I was like “OK…remember Virginia said take a deep breath your still in the game your just not there yet and slow down” I tend to be a faster test taker, I hit 75 questions in an hour (which I know is too fast) So I re-adjusted and the computer shut off at 140! I also wanted to inquire about you and I going over my resume.”


-Dani T., HCC May 2016 Grad, RN

“OH MY GOSH! I GOT A JOB! I got hired at HCGH on the JAS unit for their fellowship program. I could not be any happier. It’s crazy how everything happened so quickly. Thank you so much for your help in getting me through these last few months with NCLEX and my resume/cover letter. I’m right where I want to be.”
Thank you,


-Erika P., HCC May 2016 Grad, RN

“Thank you so much for everything!!! I passed in 75 questions! I did not touch Kaplan (other than what HCC required me to do). I absolutely used your methods! I used the marker board to write down as much as I remembered of your strategies (…, and probably some others I’m not remembering now). Thank you!”


-Maire P., HCC May 2016 Grad, Now RN

“Woo Hoo!!! I just found out I passed my NCLEX!!! I had 76 questions and walked out feeling like I failed it was so hard! All I used was what you taught me and practiced on a Saunders Q bank. I didn’t even touch the Kaplan q-bank or any of their materials and didn’t pay attention in the review course I just didn’t want to get myself confused! Thank you for everything the past two years I wouldn’t have gotten through school or have gotten such an awesome job without you!!”


-Emily S., RN, HCC May 2016 Grad

“Hey Virgina just wanted to let you know I passed my RN exit hesi with a 1052 a 91% score:)) yayyyy. Thanks for all the help it paid off. Your methods really worked thank you for all the help!!!”


-Christin F., HCC May 2016 Grad

Hi Virginia,
Hope you are doing well. This is Stella, I took your review on May 6th and 7th. Just wanted to let you know I passed my Nclex this past Monday  I had 98 questions and the tips you gave along with some of the information from your workbook really helped me. Thank you for your help and guidance!


Chamberlain of Virginia, 2016 Grad

Dear Mrs. Sine,
I am emailing you because I took my NCLEX at the end of April and I PASSED!!! Even though I was not able to do your review class for the NCLEX… I still remembered everything you taught during the HESI exit review class and tried to use each one during my exam. Thank you so much for all of your help!!!


-Mazee Ndeta, RN
Global Health March 2016 Grad

“I would recommend Sine Strategies to anyone preparing to take the NCLEX. It helped me view the test in an entirely different way. Instead of looking at it through purely strategy and memorization, you helped me use my critical thinking skills and everything I’ve learned so far to make the right decisions (pick the right answers). I feel like a more knowledgeable and confident nurse after taking your course– and best of all, I passed the test! The first time (before this review) I took 265 questions and failed. I was shaking and felt like I needed to get out of the testing center After I failed, I have never been so upset. I never really struggled in school and I just felt so disappointed in myself- I didn’t know what happened. The second time around, your strategies and words of encouragement helped me to CALM down, which can definitely make or break you in this test. I ……. After your content and strategy review even my Kaplan qbank scores went from 40s-50s to 70s-80s. During the test I could actually visualize parts of your workbook to help me answer the questions and create ….. To anyone who feels discouraged, I say take this Course! It’s the best possible way to spend your money and trust me you will be sooo happy you did once you see your license number! You got this far- you can do it!


Towson University, 2015 Grad

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