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“Good morning, I just checked the result and I made it in 75 questions. I am so glad I am done. I had tried many other reviews and it was not working. Thanks very much for your help on the truly grateful.”


-Sophia, RN
University of Indiana


“Hi everyone , I couldn’t have made it without Sine Strategies!!! I stopped using UWorld and all the other advice I had been told. I could hear our instructor’s voice throughout the 75 questions. Please follow her way all the way 100%. Despite my school having a low NCLEX pass rate, I did it!”


-Stacy, RN
Med Life Florida


“I just wanted to say thank you for everything this semester. With your help and countless hrs of studying I got a B this semester and I just got 97.49% (1164) on the HESI.”


-HCC Med Surg 1 student


“Thank you thank you I made it at 75 questions on my first NCLEX try! I stopped using Uworld after my 2 day session with Sine Strategies. I could see how some of their answers were misleading. You were so right about them!”


-Stacy, RN
2018 Grad


“I passed Hesi Ped/Ob with 1031. I could hear your voice during the exams. Most of the things you asked us to pay attention during our regular review helped a lot. You HAD to pay attention to the topics. I was like no no no, you told us to pay attention. My friend who came to your HESI help session also scored high and got a 1035, she says a big THANK YOU. We are all so very grateful.”


-HCC Nursing Student


“Thank you so much once again for the support and tips. I truly think God sent you to save my skin academically this semester haha. Went up to 80’s after working with you and now even trying to fight for a 90% on this last exam! I may even be looking at a B in med surg now! Big difference!”


-HCC Med Surg 1 Student


“Hi! Emailing about HCC NURS 242/243. I just finished HESI with 1069 points 96.8%….????????????????????????. Thank you so much!!!! The HESI help session you did was awesome!”


-HCC Peds/OB student


“Hi Virginia! Just wanted to thank you for all you do to help me through nursing school with your tutoring sessions. I’m so very thankful and look forward to working with you next semester and on to NCLEX. I hope you have a great day. Ohhh, and I got a 95 on the exam last night!!!! ???? Two more to go next week! Thank you so much!!!”


-HCC Peds/OB/Psyche student


“Hello how are you, just wanted to informed you that today I scored a 1140 on the critical care hesi????. Both HESI’s I have taken since using you have been over 1000! I’m just happy to get away from hesi, yes I made sure I ….. as you mentioned. Thanks again. The content mattered but what you taught me also played a huge role. Before you these were my scores, RN exit (892) critical care exit(560). A few months ago I was sobbing because of the critical care exam but now I’m happy.”




“I got a 88 on the final Peds/OB exam. It was really hard for me to understand this ICP stuff but you made it so easy. Thank you”


-HCC Peds Student


“Passed my Hesi!! I was using your methods … the whole time! Thanks ???? Thank you! I scored 941. Thank you!! Seriously I would not be here without your methods and awesome tutoring sessions. ?? :)”


-Yeojung, HCC Dec 2018 Grad


“I passed the HESI exit exam with only 3 days to study!”


-Maggie, HCC Dec 2018 Grad


“Thank you for being willing to tutor us in psyche. I know it is not your preferred material. But I got a 90 on my exam! Thank you so much. No more fears!”


-HCC Psyche student


“Good evening, I emailed you about my NCLEX results. I PASSED. 89 questions, thought I failed. was so nervous. when it didn’t turn off at 75 questions I was ok because of what you told me but I had to buckle down to get it together. Thank you for helping me get through that HESI exit exam and now the NCLEX!”


-Jacqueline, RN
HCC August 2018 Grad


“Ahhhh so happy this is over! Thank you for helping me with the HESI exit exam and now the NCLEX. I passed both first try. NCLEX in 75 questions! Now to get my license transferred from Florida. THANK YOU!!”


-Karon, RN
Florida on-line RN program 2018 grad


“Hello just wanted to let you know that I passed my HESI exit exam. my school required us to receive a score of 900 and I got a 1100! I used the strategies, thanks again!


Coppin State, expected graduation December 2018


“I called your office today to give you the good news! I passed the NCLEX-RN exam with 130 questions! I’m so excited I can’t think straight! Ha! Ha! I’m still in shock! I’m so grateful that I came to your class, such a long struggle so many times, but you gave me the confidence I needed to pass the exam! First try after using your review! Thank you so much!”


-Mary, new RN!!!


“OMG!!! I finally took my NCLEX on October 10th and found out today that I passed in 75 questions! Thank you so much for all of your help on the HESI exit exam and now the NCLEX! I wrote your testing method on my whiteboard as soon as I got in there and resisted the urge to hover and change my answers. On top of everything, thank you for doing my resume, John’s Hopkins has called me back for an interview!”


-Michele, RN
HCC August 2018 Grad


“The testing method you developed for me worked! Thank you for helping me be successful despite my auditory nature. I will lamenate that testing method you made for me! Thank you! I am so happy to be done trying the NCLEX.”


-Lynn, RN
Carroll Community College, Aug 2018 Grad


“I PASSED! I tested the Sine Process! I don’t know how u mastered that process but u are brilliant ,thank u. 7 times, lots of reviews, 3 years. I could not get through it. One time with you and I passed!”


-Estrelita, RN, BSN
Sojourner Douglass, June 2015 Grad


“I just wanted to let you know I passed my hesi exit exam the first time with a 1079. Thanks for all your help.”


-Karon, RN Grad September 2018
Caps Care Health Academy


“Hi, I was in your review session yesterday for med surg 1 tutoring. I just wanted to thank you, between studying and your reviews I got an 86 on today’s test. I’ll definitely be there for the next one!”


-Lauren, Med Surg 1 student


“Hi, how have you been? Hope all is well, just wanted to update you on my progress as an RN???? they recently made me the Director of Nursing for the place i work ???? never could have imagined and definitely couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks again for everything.”


-Chicka, former NCLEX client


“Hey!I just realized I never followed up with you about the MCAT. So, I took your advice and … which were wonderful! Super helpful and very realistic to test day. I ended up scoring a 505 on test day (higher than any of my full length MCAT practice exams). I have an interview with Maryland next month and am hoping for a few more! Thanks again for all of your help!!I think I had a 125, 2 126s, and my psych was 128. And thank you! I’m super excited, Maryland is my #1 choice so we’ll see how it goes.”


-Rachael, future Med Student
(Not that we typically work with med students but some testing strategies are universal!)


“I passed my RN Nclex! The test bank you recommended to practice the strategies was the key for me.”


-Johnson, RN
Global Health, 2017 Grad


“I would like to thank you for all your help with tutoring through school, HESI, NCLEX and beyond I have done and passed my boards and I would like to say a big thank you may God bless you and keep you in the name of Jesus amen”


-Sara, RN
HCC May 2018 Grad


“I had used Kaplan, UWorld, and other popular companies, still could not pass the boards. One time with your company and I did it! I passed! Thank you so much for everything I really appreciate everything you taught me to bring me here. You’ve helped me overcome this goal which I never thought I would get over, so I thank you for that.”


-Mike, RN
CCBC 2017 Grad


“Passed first try! 99 questions! Now I can relax! Thanks for all your help!”


-Linda, RN
HCC May 2018 Grad


“I am officially an RN. I passed the Board. I took it on Friday and it stopped at 86 questions. And Just got the results Today. I used a lot more of what you taught me in the review this time. I had to trust you. Thank you for everything”


-Mariam, RN
HCC 2017 Grad


“You were a huge part of my success! Passed the Hesi Exit Exam and the NCLEX on the first try. You gave me all the courage and confidence to pass and helpful strategies too, obviously. Thank you so much! I will be encouraging nursing students to seek out your class. Thank you again,”


-Colbie, RN
Carroll CC, May 2018 Grad


“I passed the NCLEX on the first try! thank you for all your help throughout my WHOLE nursing program, tutoring courses, hesi and NCLEX!!”


-Katrina, RN
HCC May 2018 Grad


“I took the NCLEX and passed with 75 questions! I kept tallies of the type of question you told us to and the more I got, the more I was confident and my nerves lessened. To help my nerves, I did what you suggested. Thank you so much, you have been such a big help!”


-Alexis, RN
HCC May 2018 Grad


“I got 75 questions. Much to my surprise though it shut off at 75 questions (was prepared for all 265). I was so afraid I would run out of time since I test relatively slowly compared to my classmates. So you can imagine how elated I was when it stopped at 75. I used the way you taught us and stuck with it all the way through and It worked! Forgot to mention I got a job in the ER! I’m so excited to start my career as an RN!


-Denise, RN
HCC May 2018 Grad


“I took your HESI review earlier this month. I just took the HCC HESI Exit Exam for the first time and scored a 1064! Thank you so much for your review and guidance. I instantly wrote down the testing strategy and all of the tips I learned. I was worried about my time constraints, but with hard work, it paid off!! Thank you so much!”


-Michele, HCC Aug 2018 Grad


“Hi! I literally got my passing score on Monday and I started my new job on Tuesday! Words cannot even begin to describe thankful and appreciative I am to have had you throughout this whole nursing school process. You went the extra mile I needed and I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be here today as a Registered Nurse without you! Hugs!”


-Morgan, RN
HCC May 2018 Grad


“Hi! I want to tell you that I got my result today and I pass with 120 questions. I want to say thank you.”


-Christiana, RN
HCC Dec 2017 Grad


“I did it! First attempt! Passed the NCLEX. Thank you for all your help.”


-Leila, RN
HCC May 2018 Grad


“Good news I passed my NCLEX! First try too! It took me all the way to 228 questions which kinda worried me because I cut off at such a weird number but I found out the results two days again. And couldn’t be more thrilled. Thank you so much for your knowledge and skills you taught me. I don’t think I would of made it through the HESI and NCLEX without you!”


-Ashley, RN
Carroll CC, May 2018 Grad


“Hello, I just took my boards on the 10th and passed in 75 questions! Thank you for all of your help,”


-Patrick, RN
HCC May 2018 Grad


“I just found out that I passed! First time, 75 questions! Thank you so much for all of your help!”


-Laurie, RN
HCC May 2018 Grad


“Its official! I passed, 75 questions, first time… I am a nurse!!”


-Heather, RN
HCC May 2018 Grad


“I passed first attempt! I finished in 75. A good amount of SATA and ended with 2 things that I have never heard of. Thank you for all your help!”


-Allie, BSN, RN
St. John Fisher College, Wegmans School of Nursing, New York May 2018 Grad


“75 questions only! I did quick results! And it said passed! Best feeling I have ever had!”


-Brittney, RN
Carroll CC, May 2018 Grad


“Omg I meant to text you! I passed!!!i went to 265 and it was killer but I did it!”


-Kelly, RN
Carroll CC, May 2018 Grad


“I passed first try! I had to go all the way to 265. I wish I had not had to speed up the review process and the workbook, I think that contributed to me needing to go to all 265. But I did it! Thank you!!!”


-Chelsea, BSN, RN
Clemson University, May 2018 Grad


I passed my boards first time !!!! About 85 questions! I’m an RN! Ahhh so exited. Thanks so much for all your help!


-Rachel, RN
CCBC, May 2018 Grad


“I took the NCLEX and finished in 94 questions. I found out that I made it. First time! Thank you for your HESI and NCLEX review. I passed the HESI exit exam on the first attempt with a 978 and now the NCLEX, first attempt, in 94 questions. I used everything you taught me and used the NCSBN learning extension test bank that you recommended. Nothing else! Thank you!”


-Erin, RN
Carroll CC May 2018 Grad


“Gd meg, I hv the honor to inform y that I hv finally passed the board exam for RN. I want to thank y sincerely for all ur knowledge and ??. It was my 6th attempt (first time after taking your review), I had to go to all 265 but I did it this time! Ur strategies really helped me.”


-Violet, RN


“With all my energy & singing praises to the good lord, I’m saying “thank you Thank you thank you for all your love, patience, knowledge & understanding towards me. Finally RN BSN after 3 attempts….This time it was Straight to the point. Last time I made the mistake of combining your instruction with others and I failed in 89 questions. I was so happy I came back to sit one on one with you and learn NOT to add other strategies to yours. This time I blocked out all the other Kaplan or Morgan strategies and only used yours and U wouldn’t believe 75 this time. 75 in 1.5 hrs!! .. thank u.”


-Aisha, BSN, RN
Morgan State University


“I got a 988 on my Med Surg Hesi and a 100% on my meds calc exam. Thank you so much for all your help this semester.”


-Jenny, HCC Nursing Student


“I made HESI exit at 934. Thank you.”


-Regina, HCC May 2018 Grad


“I made it!! I didn’t think I passed either. I ended up with a 943.”


-Jay, HCC May 2018 Grad


“You are AMAZING!!!!!! I have never passed a single Hesi before and now after studying with you for two sessions and doing your workbook I passed on my first try with a 893!!!! I am soooo happy!!! Thank you so much!!


-Colbie, Carroll CC May 2018 Grad


“I was in your review class September 28th, October 2nd and 4th last year. I took NCLEX 03/07/18 and strictly used your strategies and read your entire book. I had 75 questions in an hour and some minutes. Thank you for your help and support. I found out I passed this morning. Have a great day.”


-Diana, RN
Global Health College


I had not had any hits on my resume that was out from December. I submitted my application last night with the resume that you wrote for me to St Agnes and already got a call back to interview this morning! Thank you. And thank you for all your help.” “I started working at St Agnes in April. I also got call backs from a few other hospitals and facilities, but St Agnes was a better choice for me. Thanks again!”


-Charisma, RN


“Good Afternoon, I am pleased to let you know I PASSED in 89 questions first time after your review!!!!!! I can not tell you how happy I am but I can tell you how you were such a blessing and an IMPORTANT PIECE in this process!!!!
(Important words/ pieces….your strategies….a little joke that worked)????Words can not express all the feelings I am having right now!! I just Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for hanging in there with me!!! You gave me a lot to work with and think about. You challenged my weak areas and gave me positive solutions. I can not Thank You enough!!! I would like to know a good time next week that I could come through and give you a nice big hug!!! So let me know your availability and I will be there???????????”


-Julia Street-Jones, RN
1995 UDC Nursing School Graduate


“I passed the nclex in 79 questions! Thank you for your help with HESI and NCLEX!”


-Meghan, RN
HCC Dec 2017 Grad


“Good afternoon, I passed my nclex exam with 75 questions. Thank so much for all your help. SINE STRATEGIES WAS A LIFE SAVER. And am so sorry for been a crying baby when we met, I was just overwhelmed with the NCLEX. Thank you for listening to me. I am so glad I made it!”


-Kehinde, RN


“I passed my NCLEX first time in 130 questions! I cannot thank you enough for all of your help!”


-Liza, RN
HCC Dec 2017 Grad


Thanks! I passed NCLEX!!!! First time! 100 questions. Thank you for all your help! I start a job in ICU soon!”


-Racquel, RN
HCC Dec 2017 grad


“Thank you for your help with perfusion/cardiac. I got a 90% on my exam!”


-Rikki, CCBC/Stevenson University RN student


“Hello! Thank you for all you do for us! I thoroughly enjoyed the study session on Wednesday. I gained much more control over the information and peace about the exam. I had been in the hospital twice last week and unable to attend class. You really put the pieces together for liver! Thank you! I also remember the meds in a much simpler way! I heard your voice in my head several times last night! One was not to overthink and the other was … I got 90%! See you next time!”


HCC pending RN grad


“Thank you for your help with cardiac and hepatic concepts. I got a 90% on my exam!”


-Heather, HCC RN student


“Hey just got my first 90 in nursing school! Thanks for the tutoring session on the heart and liver!”


-Linda, HCC RN student


“Good day! This is Erica I took Hesi Review class with you back in December. Wanted to let you know that I passed the HESI Exit exam today. Thank you so much for your help. Now studying for the NCLEX!”


-Erica, RN Grad


“It cut off at 75. Omgggggggggg!!!!!!! The test wasn’t that bad in my opinion. Your strategies definitely helped. I passed!!!!! Thank you sooo much! I couldn’t have done it without you.”


-Alycia F., RN
HCC December 2017 Grad


“I took nclex and shut off at 78!!!!! I was freaking out! I passed! Ahhhhh so happy!!! Thank you so much!!”


-Colleen, RN
HCC December 2017 Grad


“Done in 75 questions and I see my license up! I wrote down your strategies on my white board and I trusted you all the way through! Thank you so much! Passed my NCLEX on the first try!”


-Courtney R., RN
HCC December 2017 Grad


“I finished the NCLEX in 132 questions. I felt good on priority. Yes, I used what you taught. A few I was unsure of but stuck with your advice for my answer. It was easy to figure out the answer with your strategy! I’ll have to send you a picture of the bandaid that your number was written on too! Thank you so much & for all of your help with my HESI and NCLEX. So unreal! Wow! It’s all over!!! No more studying/ doing practice questions ever! Couldn’t have done it without you! I will be sure to recommend you to others.”


-Elizabeth F., BSN, now RN
Duquesne University 2017 Grad


“Hello everyone, I was part of the NCLEX review session last month. I’m glad to share the good news that I passed the NCLEX RN exam last week. If you haven’t already taken your exam, please continue to use Sine Strategies. They really work marvelously!!! I cried after the exam, I thought I failed, because it was really hard but I only got 75 questions. The strategies really helped me. Please trust this review because the review gives just what you need to pass the NCLEX. All the best to everyone, you will all be successful. Thanks.”


-Bernice Cynthia Agyare-Tanor, RN
HCC December 2017 Grad


“It shut off at 75! I PASSED! Thank YOU so much!!!! :)”


-Monica K., BSN, now RN
University of MD, 2017 Grad


“The NCLEX was so incredibly nerve racking. 75 questions but I can’t even remember the last question! ???? But I passed! Yay! Thank you so much for all of your help!”


-Kait W., RN
CCBC Dec 2017 Grad


“I PASSED my hesi today.. thank you so much for everything!I scored 1108! I am preparing for nclex now. I have gained back my confidence, I’m so happy.”


-Kiara, St. Michael’s School of Allied Health, DC Grad 2017


“I just wanted to update you on how the job hunt is going, the resume is working well, I have had several interviews, ortho, ED, ICU ! Just trying now to take my preference! thank you for the resume help. I was not getting any hits before you helped me with my resume. Thanks!”


-Tupo, RN

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